Things To Mention In A Freelance Writer's Resume

Freelance writers should constantly look for new working opportunities. The most important tool that you can use is your resume. Of course, it cannot fully represent your features and mention all the projects that you have completed, but you should provide some important things that will attract your clients and help you get a dream job. You should fit the following information on one or two sheets of paper:

  1. Highlight your best experience.
  2. You should mention some impressive projects first. Do not forget to mention the names of your former and current clients. Keep in mind that big companies want to see the caliber of businesses you have worked for.

  3. Demonstrate appropriate working experience.
  4. It is important to write about completed projects relevant to the job you are applying for. You should demonstrate that you have the experience necessary to maintain your duties. Try to be specific and describe each writing project with at least one or two sentence about what you did and what benefits the company received.

  5. Write about your traditional work experience.
  6. In most cases, it is a good idea to mention what your traditional working experience is and how it helps you deal with your freelance projects. However, if you have been a freelance writer for a very long time, consider whether it is a good idea that works out for you.

  7. Use active verbs.
  8. You should write about actions, so use active verbs and avoid passive voice. You can start each description with a verb. Therefore, your resume looks more attractive.

  9. Provide numbers.
  10. HR managers love numbers, so if you can, you should provide them. For instance, you can mention that the agency that you helped prepare advertising content for made $2 million in sales in a relevant year.

  11. Describe the services that you offer.
  12. As a freelance writer, you provide services. In your resume, you should tell your prospective client what kinds of services you will provide and why you are the best deal for the company. You should describe everything briefly and clearly, but try to avoid commonly used words that do not show your personal features.

  13. Show your online presence.
  14. Your resume must include your website where you demonstrate examples of your work. It is also a good idea to provide information about your field-specific profiles. If your social media profiles will enhance your chances to get a job, you should also include information about your social media accounts.