Freelance Writing Jobs For Teachers: How To Find New Clients

The world of freelance writing is very much a double-edged sword. One of its main benefits is that you are able to work on your own without the restrictions of an employer and the workplace. As a teacher, if you are looking to find additional income or to create, albeit slowly at first, a new career as a freelance writer, the world is pretty much your oyster.

There are a number of things you need to understand. You're not part of an organization or a company. Of course there are some freelance writing groups which do employ individuals but the vast majority of people engaged in this area work by themselves for themselves. That being the case your most important asset is your reputation. If you start small and find success you will start to build a reputation. A good reputation is your entrée card into new and rewarding employment opportunities.

How do you find new clients?

  • you join reputable freelance writing agencies
  • you start a blog in which you promote your services
  • you ask current clients for references
  • you contact relevant organizations which require your services

There are many freelance writing agencies which welcome writers and give them the opportunity to find new clients. It is important to understand that all agencies are not the same and you would do well to investigate each one before joining. What are your strengths as a freelance writer? What type of material are you best at writing? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you better select a freelance writing agency.

Do not think that you cannot find work off your own bat. You can. It is possible to start a blog in which you would promote your freelance writing skills. You can promote this particular blog through relevant writing websites and of course on the popular social media outlets. By putting your name and your reputation and your work out there, you give yourself a chance to find new clients.

By asking for a reference from your current clients, you are building your CV and thus making yourself more appealing to clients who are looking for a freelance writer.

Once you know your area of expertise, you can contact individuals or companies which use the material you produce. A simple introductory e-mail listing your reputation, expertise and testimonials, could well be a way for you to find new clients.