How To Start Looking For Freelance Academic Writing Jobs

Content writing has been the new source of income for many people. Many people are yet to know the details about this work. This is easy money. The only thing that you need to have within yourself is good knowledge of English and hard-core writing capability. If you have these two within you then you can come up with a great article.

There are two types of content writing job. One is that you have to work under a fixed client where you have to do whatever job they are providing you. You are paid on a monthly salary basis. Obviously these forms of jobs are a bit less paid at the beginning but you get a lot of safety and security you are a permanent member of a company.

On the other hand a freelance job is a much different. You can choose your own job and own client whom you want to work with. You don’t need to have some excessive qualification degree to apply for a content writing job. You just need to have the basic knowledge of the English language and you should have an inborn skill to write well.

What is an academic writing article?

As the name suggests these are articles where you need to discuss about all the academic things like essays and dissertation and research papers etc. People already do have a basic knowledge about all these, so what they need to do is to read some extra articles form internet and grasp the basic writing patterns for the academic articles.

Tips to crack an academic article within 10 minutes:

  • The topic is the main thing of consideration. Suppose you are given to write about compare and contrast essay. You have to just read about the compare and contrast essays on the internet. If you are asked to write about some dissertation topic then you have set your mentality to write about dissertations.

  • Many a times you will be asked to suggest topic on different issues. You have to be quite judgemental about your writing at those times as your provided topics will be used by someone in future. Search for good topic in net and modify them with some added features so that you can come up with unique yet better topics.

  • There will be times when you will be asked to write about “how to do...” something like how to write an essay or how to compose a dissertation. You have to go through all the instructions provided on the internet and come up with your unique yet meaningful ideas so that the readers find your article suitable compared to the others.