Magazines Seeking Freelance Writers - How To Get A Job If You Have No Experience

It is not just with magazines seeking freelance writers where an inexperienced freelancer might have difficulty but rather with almost every type of publication. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to anyone seeking work as a freelance writer is a lack of experience. But then again everybody has to start somewhere. So to answer your question, here are some ways to get a job even if you have no experience.

  • Count experience you've had in other fields.
  • Be absolutely certain about what the magazine is looking for.
  • Learn the art of how to pitch a letter.
  • Start gaining experience immediately.

While it may be true but you have no experience as a freelance writer, you have had experience. You have an education and you may have worked at various jobs either part-time or full-time. In all of these situations you had experience. It's your task to look back over your life and make notes about the various things which you have done and achieved. Without telling falsehoods it is possible to build up a list of achievements that you can claim from whatever your education and previous employment has provided. Make the most of that situation.

One of the biggest mistakes that the budding freelance writers make is that they don't understand the publication for which they wish to write. You need to spend time reading several copies of a particular magazine or magazines you are keen to work with. Make notes about the type of writing they publish. Particularly take notes about the themes and topics they are interested in.

In most cases you will write by e-mail or snail mail to the editor of the magazine describing your ability to work as a freelance writer and your enthusiasm for the task. I could write an entire book on the art of writing a successful letter but suffice to say it needs to be shorter rather than longer, have impeccable spelling and grammar and be professional and positive in every way. You should spend as much time as necessary polishing and editing your pitch letter. Obviously you will include details which enable the editor to make contact with you as easily as possible.

While you're waiting for a response to your pitch letter, don't sit around and wait. Start writing articles which could be appropriate for that particular magazine. Build up your portfolio of material. The fact that you're not being paid to do this work is not the issue. You are building up your professional status all of which will help you eventually find work as a freelance writer.