How To Find Stable Freelance Essay Writer’s Positions

Doing freelance work of any kind can be a financial roller coaster. It is scary to step outside of the comfort of a traditional job and go out on your own. Making a living working for yourself via your creativity can be done with some diligence and consistency. It takes some organizational skills, searching, applying and networking.

Getting yourself organized has to be your number one priority. Some suggestions for doing so:

  • Know your parameters- set your price, hours and the types of essay work you are willing to do.
  • To-do lists-Have a daily to-do list of projects, proposals, emails, skype and other communications to check.
  • Set deadlines-Setting deadlines for your-self to obtain or finish projects.

Looking for work can be done by self-promoting, creating your own website and advertising or by looking for online jobs. The on-line jobs come in two main classes; content mills where there is plenty of work but the pay is low and those that offer jobs in specific categories like essay writing, but pay significantly better. The content mills provide needed, valuable experience and toughen you up for the more critical specific markets.

Using job boards is a numbers game. Applying for jobs in your field will require numerous solicitations and few returns. Determining the ratio between jobs applied for and received is important. Once you learn that you get one job out of ten, than you know you will need to apply for 100 jobs to get 10. Include this in your daily to-do and deadline lists.

Customizing and perfecting your pitch will increase your odds of getting stable jobs. A cut and paste pitch won’t work for high quality jobs. Instead of selling yourself, consider how you can solve a problem for the client in your pitch.

Maintaining a diverse and high quality portfolio will aid you in finding those jobs. Better than a resume, a portfolio allows the clients to see if you put your money where your mouth is. Keeping it diverse will give you latitude to showcase your skill on different topics. This is a great area to be able to show your personality letting clients know that you are capable of being more than a robot. Include a humorous article or some poetry to give yourself some visible character.

Finally don’t be afraid to ask for referrals when a job is completed. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising available.

Freelancing can bring you stable income and work as well as a life of freedom. Being organized, diligent, determined and willing to do the groundwork you can build a freelance essay writing business of your own providing stable work for years to come.