Looking For Highly Paid Freelance Writing Jobs: Recommendations For Starters

Being a freelance writer is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. At least for me it is. I am not the kind of person who can wake up early in the morning and show up at work in a decent outfit every day. Sometimes I like being messy or staying in comfortable clothes. I do not like taking orders from a person who actually knows nothing about my task or skill. I am a freelance writer because I choose to be. I do not want someone else to share the profits and acknowledgement of the tasks I deal single handedly. It might be hard for many to give up their regular jobs but a regular job can never offer the countless benefits and freedom of freelancing

Freelancers are self-employed people who work on contract-based tasks with the people they choose to work. They do not have to put up with low paid tasks or less interesting tasks when they have a great reputation and portfolio. However, it is not easy to have that reputation or portfolio. You need to struggle and stay consistent if you want people to rely on you. You need to give them that comfort zone of having confidence in you and receiving the right execution for their project. If you are in the start of your freelancing career, you need to learn a few things by heart. If you stick to the proven and tested rules that I have gained over years of experience, you will never fail as a freelance writer

Rule number one is the consistency. Freelance industry can be slow and demanding. In the beginning, you may not receive high paid jobs or work with great companies. You may not find a top position in your favorite news agency because you do not have enough experience. However, you can get there if you stay consistent and perform well under all conditions. You do not have a boss, so you need to be your own boss. You need to be harsh on yourself to meet the deadlines and complete your daily tasks. It is all about self-discipline

The other golden rule of freelancing is the reliability and client trust. People prefer to hire companies over freelancers because companies are liable in the end. You need to show your clients that you are someone they can rely on forever