How To Become A Freelance Writer In 4 Weeks: Effective Tips

Your problem is not so much that you want to become a freelance writer but that you need to do it quickly in order to start earning cash. It can take months to become established in this industry and it is not easy to start earning big bucks in a hurry. However, that said it is still possible to get up, running and earning within that timescale.

So, how can you become a freelance writer in just 4 weeks?

Hit the ground running

If you are serious about doing this quickly, then there is no point dithering, or dipping your toe. You are going to need to run at this full throttle and guns blazing. There will be time to look back and analyze the results later.

Register everywhere

Dedicate an entire day to registering, registering, registering…You need to register with all of the big online providers as well as many of the smaller ones as you can possibly find. You need to set up a good, strong profile that makes clients want to take a punt on you.

Price competitively

If you want to get decent jobs that will give you a steady income then you need to build a solid reputation. The only way you can do this is you are awarded the jobs in the first instance and you generally have to go in with low prices to achieve that…Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Go the extra mile

Treat every client; even those that don’t pay brilliant rates as if they are movie stars. Giving excellent customer service is key to getting the kind of contracts that make everything seem worthwhile.


You can’t just sit back and expect the work to come to you. It won’t. You have to be out there, proactively hunting and chasing it down. This means advertising on as many free sites as you can find and also investing in some paid and carefully targeted advertising. Set a budget and then stick to it.

Make it your number one priority

Like everything in life you are going to need to put the hours in if you want to see results. This might also mean missing out on nights out, and cutting back on your social life while you work to hit your deadlines and get up and running. Any sacrifices that you make now will pay dividends in the long run.