How To Get Good Freelance Writing Jobs- Tips For Writers With No Experience

Every freelance writer has to start off somewhere. You don’t just start off with a clientele list and some great reviews. Therefore, there are ways to get the process started. You have to find the ways to get good writing jobs that not only pay well but are good papers to write. Not everyone is an expert on writing every type of paper. Some writers like longer assignments and others like shorter assignments. You will either work on jobs with a very short turnaround time or ones that take a long time to complete.

When you are starting off, you are probably better off at completing as many small jobs as you can. This is mainly to build your clientele up and to start to get some reviews. Also, for most writers, the smaller papers are easier to handle. Here are some great tips that will help you get to where you want to be.

  1. Join a freelance site
  2. I recommend that all beginning writers start by signing up with a freelance site or two. These sites connect you with clients from all over the world. It is a forum where you can connect with these clients and they list tons of jobs that you can apply to.

  3. Create an impressive profile
  4. Create a solid profile on this site that lists your accomplishments. You are a professional writer now so you will have to promote your services and what you are good at.

  5. Charge reasonable prices
  6. You should do some research to see what the going rate for a variety of papers are. That way you can start to get a grasp on what you have to charge to make it worth it and what you want to charge to get them to choose you over your competitors.

  7. Bid on lots of projects
  8. Bid on a bunch of projects. Do not worry so much about getting too many at first. Yes, you don’t want to get to the point where everyone accepts and then you have too much work. Just keep in mind that because you are new, you are at the very bottom of these lists. Some sites allow you to use a higher bid to move farther up the list. This is definitely something to consider at first. At least until you have a few clients that you work with semi regularly or regularly.