Searching For Highly Paid Freelance Jobs In Travel Writing

Freelance travel writing can be an exciting field, but how do you get the higher paying gigs so that it can be an exciting, as well as lucrative field?

Of course, the larger publications and more established print publications pay the most, but online activities are starting to catch up because people want to read about going to exotic locales and enjoying activities and food on their computer and mobile devices, particularly if there are pictures involved. Here are some tips on how to find highly paid freelance jobs in travel writing:

  1. Gain experience

  2. This probably goes without saying, but if you want to get the big bucks, you’ll probably have to get the small bucks first. First, read a lot of articles to see what people are looking for. Then take yourself on a lot of trips and try to replicate the types of articles you’ve read, while having fun. That will show through! Then, once you’ve banged out a few high-quality articles from trips you took on your own dime, you can move on to the bigger pots with expense accounts. It’s also helpful if you take your own pictures as well because any money that doesn’t go to a photographer goes to you.

  3. Put together a great portfolio

  4. This can be accomplished by using professional pieces, but also pieces you’ve written on your own travels and your blog. Find an online portfolio site or create your own website for it, make it look really great and always point any inquiries there.

  5. Do your research

  6. Check out who pays the most per word or per article. You can do an internet search or ask around. Look up publications and websites that you are a frequent reader of and simply call or email to see how they hire writers and how much they pay. No one ever lost an opportunity like this by being too bold.

  7. Consider getting an agent

  8. It may sound easier than it is, but you may want to consider getting a middle man to help you get the bigger slices of the travel writing pie. Sure, you will have to give him or her a cut, but they will make you look more legitimate, have the contacts to get you the better jobs and may even be able to help you leverage your shorter writings into a book. Or even a movie!