How To Become A Top-Class Freelance Technology Writer In 3 Steps

Assemble a portfolio of your best work to impress potential clients with

In order to start winning jobs, you need to start impressing potential clients. It is possible to write a fantastic proposal, in which you diligently address all of the needs of the client, and impress them with ideas that they haven’t even thought of; however, this will only get you so far. If you are new to the writing industry and do not yet have a reputation to back up any claims that you make, then you need to prove your capabilities with any past samples.

Of course, you may be thinking that you can’t put together a portfolio without having done some work first. In fact, this isn’t true; you will almost certainly have written work in the past, be it at university or any other educational reasons, or simply writing on blogs or websites.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter so much why or who you wrote the work for, it is only important that you have something to provide to potential clients so that they can get an understanding of how good you are as a writer.

Pick a niche within the technology sector to specialise in

If you are planning on writing in the technology sector, it can be a good idea to pick a niche that you specialise can in. There may be times where clients are not demanding so much work in the niche that you specialise in, in which case, you can always look for other technology-based writing jobs until the work picks up. However, if you do specialise in certain niche then you can position yourself as the go-to-guy when any jobs do come around.

Finding jobs through freelance sites or privately

There are various ways of winning freelance writing jobs. For a start, you can look on any of the big freelance websites. If you wish to specialise in the technology industry, then you can use search terms to narrow down the job postings to ones that will be most applicable to you.

Alternatively, you can try get in touch with any of the major technology companies around the world. Before you write them, it is a good idea to have a proposal that you can send them. Ideally, you will need to try and identify an area that you could write for them and then sell yourself.