How To Find High-Paying Freelance Environmental Writing Jobs

Environmental writing is definitely a specific niche of writing. This kind of writing only requires a specific knowledge of subjects related to the environment. Because there is such a small area of work on this particular topic compared to just general writing, it can be harder to find work in this specific arena. This particular niche tends to have fewer options available than that of creating content for websites or other larger areas of study and work. This means you need to go all out when looking for jobs in this niche. Here are some ideas on how best to do that.


  • Use as many sites as you can
  • Have a good collection of samples
  • Seek out jobs in this field

Use As Many Sites As You Can

The more sites you can apply for or look for jobs on, the more jobs in this niche will be available to you. You will want to go with all of the reputable sites and some lesser known ones as well. The sites where you can search for specific kinds of work will serve you best as you can track down exactly what jobs you are looking for in seconds and sift through them for the right ones that pay more money.

Have a Good Collection of Samples

If you want to get high paying jobs you will need to have something to show the client in order to prove yourself. Having a portfolio or collection of samples of your work on the subject, can be a huge help to you with this. They can see what you are capable of and what you have done in the past to decide if you are right for their project. If you are chosen, then that is one more thing to go in your portfolio for next time to prove that you know your stuff.

Seek out Jobs in That Field

You may want to go looking for companies that would need your services as well and see if they need writers. This would include and environmental company with a website or any magazines on the topic as well. Anything like that would be a smart idea.

When your area of knowledge is so specific is can be harder to find jobs that pay good money. The trick is to know all of the best tricks and develop a few of your own to get ahead and get what you want from life.