Freelance Writing Employment: Top 5 Tips To Consider

If you're starting out as a freelancer and you are considering writing as a new source of income, make sure you consider these top tips. Because we know that you want to work right away and get paid, factor in things like the amount of money that you will have coming in, when you receive it, how your pay scale is set up, writing websites that you will use, and how you will work in terms of your scheduling, as these are all factors to think about when you write freelance.

  • - As you start work, think about the amount of money that you need coming in. When you start out sometimes it may be harder to get larger projects on a bigger site like Text Broker, so consider starting out on a smaller site like Freelancer where you can have income right away. Jobs might be smaller but you'll have a steady source of income.
  • - When you start thinking about how you'll get paid and when you will receive your money, make sure you do your homework ahead of time. There are sites like that will offer jobs, but you won't get paid for a week to two weeks depending on the employer that you work for and how they funded their account. On sites like Elance, when you get paid, it can hit your PayPal account the same day.
  • - Next, you also want to think about how your pay scale is set up. When you factor this in, think about different writing jobs. Do you need money right away, or do you want to wait for bigger jobs? Ask yourself whether or not you want to write a lot of small jobs to get some income coming in, or do you want to write bigger jobs. It may take longer for you to get paid as you may need to turn in more revisions.
  • - Also factor in pay scales, which can be different across the board. For example, do you want to work at an hourly rate, or are you better working at a flat rate. On sites like Odesk, pay is set up at an hourly rate and that's covered, but if you do flat rate, there's no guarantee that you'll get paid at all.
  • - Next, think about your schedule. Think about how you want to work. As some jobs are mainly 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, when you work online, it may be late night or weekends. Are you fine with that schedule, or do you need more flexibility? If you take jobs writing for different companies that work online, they may work late nights and on weekends because they're trying to build websites, for example, so factor this in.

As long as you keep these tips and pointers in mind, you can work as a better freelance writer by understanding the various factors to setting up your schedule and your pay scale. The idea is to set it up to work for you so that you will have more time to write on the projects you want!