A Quick Guide To Getting Freelance Copy Writing Jobs

Copywriting is an industry that will continue to grow as more and more people turn to the internet for their marketing needs. While many jobs exist for copywriters in television, radio and print; most copywriters gravitate towards internet marketing jobs due to the versatility. There’s a great demand for good copywriters, and clients are willing to pay good money for freelancers who are dependable. Here’s some advice on how to get decent copywriting jobs.

A run down on SEO keyword writing

If you are still a beginner to freelance copywriting, chances are you will start with SEO web content. This is simply text that must be written according to strict keyword requirements. Companies need content containing key phrases that help search engines rank them higher in organic SEO. Since this is being noticed as the best way to advertise, you will easily find jobs like these. But where?

Reputable freelancing platforms

Because freelance copywriting is becoming such a massive industry, there are a number of sites who provide a safe meeting place for freelancers and clients. You don’t have to look far to find some of these platforms—just make sure you use one that is reputable and has the stats to prove it. Going for popular freelancing platforms allows for better exposure, but it also means more competition; so make sure you are on the top of your game and that your price is fair.

Essential portfolio requirements

To get copywriting jobs, you must have a decent portfolio. If you’ve never done any copywriting before, you may have to do a job for free to get something onto your portfolio. You can also do interview pieces and stick them on your portfolio, but just be sure you mention that you were not paid for those ideas.

Client selection and proposal compilation

Be wise about which clients you deal with. Client reputation profiles will give you a fair indication of whether they are easy to work with, and whether they pay their freelancers on time. Clients who get bad reviews—or those who give continual bad reviews—should be avoided if possible.

Also bear in mind that your proposal for a job is what will play a major factor in landing it. The client’s brief will give you a lot of information such as what service factors are important to them.