Freelance Writers Wanted: How To Find A Good Magazine Writing Job?

If you’re a freelance writer, you should definitely consider seeking out a magazine writing job. Magazine articles and columns are far more lucrative than your typical freelance writing gig, and they’ll get you significantly more exposure. When you’re writing for a magazine, you can get hundreds of dollars per article. There are several types of publications that you can pitch article ideas to, including:

  • Large, mainstream magazines. These are harder to get into than many other types of publications. These are big names like Time, Forbes, and Shape. If you have a good enough idea, however, it might be worth a shot.
  • Trade publications. These are smaller, niche periodicals aimed at a certain industry, like Pizza Today or Restaurant Management. They might not get you quite as much exposure as bigger magazines, but they tend to pay very well.
  • Custom publications. These are specialty magazines put out by particular brands. Their rates can be as high as $1 per word.
  • Pitching to a Magazine

    There are numerous magazines, and if you want to publish a story in them, you will need to pitch your idea to them. Here’s what you’ll need:

    • A great idea. You’ll need a good idea for a magazine article, and your idea should be relevant to that particular publication. You can brainstorm topics, then narrow your ideas down into specific titles, like “X Personal Finance Mistakes that Millennials Make.”
    • A great lede. The “lede” is the first paragraph or two of your article. You need a great opening that will draw people in and keep their editors interested.
    • A “nut graf.” This oddly named thing is a paragraph right after your lede, It provides a summary of what your article is going to offer.
    • The body of your query. This outlines the material that you’re planning to cover in your article. It’s often in somewhat of a “list” format. Keep in mind that for magazines, you should probably cite relevant sources.
    • A paragraph about yourself and your qualifications. This is largely self-explanatory.
    • A closing paragraph. This should convey to the editors that you understand the magazine’s readership.

    If they like your pitch, the magazine will give you an assignment to write your article. If they like your work, they might even send you more work in the future. Magazine articles are one of the best ways to make money as a writer. There are plenty of magazines putting out ads saying “Freelance writers wanted.” All you have to do is have ideas, and actively pitch them to various publications. This is essentially how to find a good magazine writing job.