What Makes A Successful Freelance Copywriter - A Complete Guide?

When it comes to knowing what makes a successful freelance copywriter, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. This complete guide can help you choose the right person or company for the job. When you need to make your reader’s take action, you need someone who knows how to invoke a response. The main purpose is for advertising or marketing. A good content writer has to be able to create band awareness and persuade a person to buy the products or services for sale. Here are the things that make a successful copywriter.

  • Results
  • You want a copywriter that has proven results in converting clicks. You can’t just get people to your site, you have to be able to convert them. You want to either get them to sign up for a newsletter, contact your office, or better yet, buy a product. When it comes to hiring a copywriter, you want to know that they have successfully created content for other company’s websites.

  • Expertise
  • Creating content is not something that just anybody can do. It involves carefully selecting each word to ensure that they appeal to both emotion and logic. These are the two things that the content has to appeal to when getting someone to make a buying decision.

  • Appeals to Emotion
  • The copywriter needs to be able to appeal to the customer’s emotion. That may include finding ways to paint a picture that puts someone in the right state of mind and then working towards appealing to their emotions. Think of those pictures of the poor puppies. The author creates a picture of the tragedy and then let’s you know how you can fix it.

  • Showing logic
  • A great copywriter knows that they also have to appeal to an individual’s logic. That is why those same commercials break the cost down to the ridiculous and state that it’s only five cents a day. They are creating a logical response to back up the emotion.

  • Call for action
  • A good copywriter needs to know how to include a call for action. This is the part of the piece where they ask the reader to do something. They ask for the business. “Call now” is a popular call to action.

This website can help you understand each one of the steps of the process better, so that you can find the perfect copywriter for your next project.