Landing Freelance Blog Writing Jobs Online: Tricks For Beginners

After a quick Internet search, you will find hundreds of freelance blog writing jobs. However, it is tricky to get one, especially if you are a beginner. On the Web, there are plenty of advice and hints on how to get your dream job. The problem is that you probably do not have time to study all of them. So, study the tricks for beginners below that contain the most vital things to follow.

Improving Your Chances of Getting a Freelance Blog Writing Job Online

The main issue that a beginner freelance blog writer should be aware of is that it is hard to inspire a client to choose your proposal. The following 5 tricks will help you get started:

  1. Show yourself to potential clients.
  2. It is great when clients find you and offer gigs for you. So, you should help them find you by writing a personal blog, participating in social projects, or using your social media networks. This will allow you to save hours of looking for a job.

  3. Make your name sound familiar.
  4. It makes sense to learn more about a Google Authorship option. It links your writing content to your profile in Google+ so that your photo and name will appear in search engines. This simple trick will make your name sound familiar to clients.

  5. Design your portfolio online.
  6. In the world of freelance writing, clients always ask potential writers to share samples of their works. To make everything easier for you, choose a few well-written texts, upload them online, and then simply share the links.

  7. Create an online CV.
  8. Most companies admit that they appreciate potential employees who have online CVs. There are a few services that allow you to make an attractive, professional CV or resume. So, you will have a 24/7 access to it and be able to include a link to your cover letter.

  9. Compose a list of potential clients.
  10. Researching the clients is an important step that will help you get a blog writing job. So, learn which companies may need your services, find out what skills they are looking for, and craft your resume to attract their attention.

Final Thoughts

Experienced freelance blog writers agree that an important part of their success is staying informed about the industry and being proactive. They contact editors and HRs before they post job ads. Professionals are members of different online communities where they keep informed about the new developments and current trends. They also constantly expand their professional network and meet new people.