How To Compose A Winning Freelance Copywriter's Resume

Getting into a career in writing via traditional means generally requires you to have recognised credentials. This may be as simple as good A’ Level passes in literature for an entry level position or an undergraduate degree in a highly specialised field for a higher level position. Freelancing is somewhat different. Rather than being hired permanently or given a contract, you create your job for yourself by making yourself available to potential clients for work on tasks of various lengths temporarily. This means that you can start with as much or as little training as you like. As a result, freelancers are much less likely to use a resume. Instead, the following are employed:


This is just a collection of your best work. Not every client will want to see the whole thing, especially if you write in many different fields. You will need to make sure your pieces are flawless though. If you claim to be capable of five star work and your portfolio suggest two and a half at best, potential clients will see through you.


While portfolios show what you are capable, experience shows what you’ve actually accomplished. Someone interested in employing a ghost-writer for a novel, for instance, would be very impressed to see that a freelancer has reached the bestseller list with a previous novel.


Satisfied previous clients can be an amazing asset to have. When they provide glowing reviews to your prospective clients you seem like a much better bet than another freelancer who seems mysterious and uncertain. It’s important, therefore, to ask clients to leave favourable reviews for you on your website or wherever you work from. It helps even more if they allow others to contact them and verify.

Looking at those different factors that clients may consider you might begin to think that they resemble the contents of a resume. They do. Once you add in your qualifications, these separate pieces can be joined to forma a very comprehensive resume. Depending on the clients requests you can provide them separately, in different combinations or not at all. Some freelance writers make a good living off of nothing but their marketing efforts.

This is because they have turned their names into brands which clients are willing to pay top dollar for without seeing a resume because their reputations are worth so much. This is the point that most freelancers aim to achieve whether as writer, producer, graphic artist or plumber.