What Is The Average Salary Of Freelance Technical Writers

Okay, so maybe you are already working from home as a freelance writer but you are bored with the low pay and monotony that is associated with some standard writing jobs. You have a college or university degree and want to specialise in a technical field but have a whole bunch of questions like how easy is it to break into technical freelance writing? Is it worth my while? What is the average salary of a freelance technical writer?

The answer to your questions are more nuanced than you would think. If you were employed and working from an office then the average salary would be around £27,000 per annum for someone based in the U.K. With a potential to earn up to around £42k per annum if you were highly experienced in a specialist niche. Freelance writing is, however, an entirely different ball game. Let’s take a look at the factors that might influence the salary that you can earn.

  • Location

  • The location is definitely a factor for employed staff, with major hubs like London and New York attracting the highest pay. In the virtual world, location isn’t quite as important. If a company is prepared to outsource their work, it doesn’t really matter whether you are right in the heart of the capital or living in a remote croft in the Outer Hebrides, so long as you are reliable, and have good internet access. Access to Skype is also advantageous, but not always necessary.

  • Skillset

  • This is without a shadow of a doubt the most important factor when determining the average salary. If you have experience in highly sought after niches such as XML, RoboHelp and Frameworker then your earning potential is going to be significantly higher than someone who doesn’t have this skillset.

  • Flexibility

  • As with all freelance writing gigs, flexibility will earn you more dollars. A client needs to know that not only will you deliver on time, every time, but also that you are willing and able to accommodate tight deadlines when required. Indeed, it is possible for a flexible, reliable copywriter with less experience to earn significantly more than their highly skilled counterpart. Skills and experience will get you a long way, but the ability to fulfil your client’s orders and help them meet their deadlines will get you a whole lot further.

    The sky really is your limit in terms of your earning potential. Unlike conventional employees you are not tied to one boss, and you can work for as many people as you choose. You control how much you work for. If you are prepared to go that extra mile and are passionate about quality and have a thirst for knowledge, then you can easily expect to earn £30k per annum, full time. Part-time pay will depend upon the number of hours that you put in.