5 Suggestions On How To Get Well-Paying Freelance SEO Content Writing Jobs

To answer your question, first we need to divide into easy parts to have a good sense of what you are looking for. The question that you stated can easily be broken in to three vital parts, which are as follows

  1. Well-paid jobs
  2. Freelancing
  3. Search engine optimization

The first concern that you have is well-paid jobs. Remember that any job can be well paid or low paid depending upon how you deal with it. If you have a great writing speed and a good command on your subject then you might deal with a task earlier than supposed. You may not require many efforts and research for completing a certain project if this is something you already know. Also, if you think that the budget of client is too low, do not waste your and their time. Tell them straight away that you cannot work on this job for such a price. It is better to have direct clients rather than working with agencies if you want to earn more

The second concern is freelance writing. Freelance is a term supposed to explain the career type when you work from home and do not have a regular job or boss. You provide your services on time and project based contracts and receive reasonable fee for it. Freelance writers make a lot of money if they know their direction and skill set

The third concern in your question is SEO. For having search engine optimization related jobs, it is very important for you to understand it first. This includes everything you need to know for ranking a website higher in the search engine results. Every company and website wants to be on the top or at least make it to the first page on Google search results against certain keywords. It is a complete science in itself that how you can understand the language and preferences of Google and apply it to your clients business to increase their online visibility.

Five suggestions on how to get SEO freelance jobs that pay well

Now that you understand all three, you can follow simple steps to increase the chances of having better and more suitable jobs as a freelancer.

  1. Identify your skill set and improve
  2. Have extensive research and expertise in your field
  3. Stay up to date and build your online existence
  4. Bid on jobs that match your preferences
  5. Understand the client