Is It Easy To Get Legitimate Writing Jobs From Home?

Every day we get a question or two about wanting to know how easy it is to get legitimate writing jobs from home. It doesn’t really surprise us that we get this question so often when you consider all of the opportunities that come up whenever you do a simple keyword search online. The simple answer is “yes.” It’s pretty simple to find great writing projects from the comfort of your home, but you still need to know a few things about the industry before getting started:

  • Start by Research Job Opportunities
  • Before you jump into this job market you should spend some time researching available opportunities. Look at the kind of projects clients tend to hire for and identify the ones you feel confident in which to start. You might want to look at some other writers’ profiles to learn about the kind of projects they attract.

  • Create an Attractive Profile and Portfolio
  • Now that you have some idea about the industry and have reviewed what other freelancers are doing, you can begin to create your profile and portfolio. Make it attractive to clients by using highly effective keywords. Be direct in your writing and don’t overwhelm readers with heavy blocks of text. Be sure to upload your best sample work to your portfolio.

  • Connect with Clients and Submit Bids
  • While you do get to work from the comfort of your home, you shouldn’t simply sit back and hope for opportunities to come to you. Be proactive and communicate with potential clients. Show your interest by asking about future projects and work on creating bids that target clients’ specific writing needs. It does help to create a template, but the most successful writers take the time to create customized proposals that convey their interest.

  • Network with Other Freelance Writers
  • A great way to learn about new jobs and exchange ideas or resources is to network with other freelancers. Don’t think of your profession as a competition. There are plenty of great paying jobs out there for everyone. Take advantage of the help that someone with more experience working from home can offer you.

  • Communicate Your Services to Many
  • Finally, let as many people know about your newfound profession through every piece of communication you have. Set up auto-links in your email signature line and all of your social media posts. You need to advertise yourself as widely as possible in order to attract a wide enough group to find quick success. Eventually, you should be able to pick and choose your jobs, but to start it’s best to cast a wide net.