Help Me Find My Way: Looking for Freelance Nutrition Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is a great way to gain some experience while making money. Any level of writer can begin, and excel with freelance work. If your specialty is nutrition and health, you may find a very specific target client for you. Many clients seek freelance writers to work on cookbooks, eBooks about nutrition, essays, and managing diets. There’s plenty of work available, but if you don’t know where to look for these jobs, you may find it challenging to begin working. Here’s a list of some ideas to keep in mind when looking for a job:

Check any classifieds: Classified ads in your local newspaper, local billboards, or at the back of any café/bar/restaurant may have your ticket to freelance work. Sometimes, clients will attempt to find writers individually by posting a help wanted ad. Check often as you never know when new work might be available.

Ask around: If you know any writers or are familiar with any writing groups that exist near you, ask for suggestions on places to find work. They might know of a site or a specific client who is regularly seeking writers.

Check credibility: Whatever job you agree to take on, make sure that you check up on the credibility of the client and the host of your job. Ask a lot of questions when making arrangements with your client to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Charge accordingly: Based on your experience level, the amount of work that is required in the assignment, and how much the client needed a writer, come up with a rate to charge your client that’s fair for both parties.

Apply: Even if the job that’s available doesn’t interest you, it’s important to establish some sort of foundation as a freelance writer. Apply for jobs that may not be appealing, but that you know you can complete. This way, you gain some notches on your belt, allowing you to apply for more jobs and to increase your rate.

There is freelance work available for a variety of subjects. If you are a writer who focuses on health and nutrition, there are definitely many opportunities out there of potential work you can tackle. This list simply compiles some basic, elementary tips to remember when seeking any sort of work. Always communicate and ask questions and always ask for feedback. It’s also important to clarify whether or not you will own the rights to the finished work.