Tips On How To Find A Job In Freelance Writing With No Experience

So, you want to be a freelance writer but have little experience and don’t have any idea of how to get started? It’s not a surprise for someone like you to want to jump into this line of work, considering all the freedoms it gives you. I made the same career choice years ago and it’s paid off splendidly. Here’s what I did and everything you need to know about find a job in freelancing well worth your while:

  • Tip #1: Create a Profile
  • Spend a few hours researching what other freelancers have created to land jobs. Now that you have some ideas of what others in your field are doing, you can start to develop your profile. Don’t write unnecessarily long paragraphs. Get straight to the point and communicate your specific skills and areas of interest. Keep your profile sharp and up-to-date to ensure people visit your page more than those of your competitors’.

  • Tip #2: Submit Proposals
  • Only a small portion of clients will come to you directly at first, so it’s very important to search for opportunities and stand out through excellent proposal writing. This means writing targeted bids that address clients’ specific needs and provides them with a good idea of what it is you are going to bring to the table in terms of their projects.

  • Tip #3: Update Your Portfolio
  • As the projects start rolling in and you are able to complete great work, you should actively update your portfolio with your best pieces aimed at attracting potential clients and convincing them that you are the right person for their job. Update your portfolio once every few weeks for maximum effect.

  • Tip #4: Do Great Work
  • This one is kind of a no-brainer but you’d be surprised at how many people forget the obvious. Do great work! This will help you develop a base of loyal clients while at the same time opening you up to several new opportunities. A freelancer with a proven positive history will always land more projects than someone who delivers poor work.

  • Tip #5: Develop Your Craft
  • Finally, one of the biggest pieces of advice you will ever hear about finding great writing jobs is that you should always work towards developing your craft. This line of work will always be competitive, so it’s important you broaden your skills to increase your chances of meeting the needs wider client bases.