How To Get Part-Time Freelance Writing Jobs Easily: A Quick Guide

Freelancing is the new frontier in the worldwide job market. Why slave away in a cubicle for someone else’s business if you can be your own boss? Do it for yourself. Or, if you are not yet convinced it is an outlet that you can completely depend on to make a living, do it as a test case and work as a part-time freelancer to earn some money on the side.

In the freelancing world, one of the biggest sectors is writing. If you are good with a turn of phrase and can make any person, object or an event shine like a star on paper, freelance writing is the job for you. You can make quite a decent side income from writing. If you have already tried searching for writing jobs, you will have found that a scattergun approach does not work. If you would like to know how to find part-time freelancing jobs easily, do some work in the beginning, follow the steps below and make your life better.

  • Step One: Decide on your niche
  • The best way to make a lot of money at anything is to make yourself invaluable. How do you do that? Do something not many other people can. This way your services will be in high demand and you can charge an amount for your service that you can be satisfied with. Find your niche as a writer. Find out what you love and what your area of expertise is. This could be your present career or what you studied in college or school.

  • Step Two: Practice
  • One you have decided your niche, start practicing. Write as much as you can. Look up writing by successful writers in the same area and find out how they approach their articles. Gather as much data as possible about writing styles and form your own style. Save what you write.

  • Step Three: Portfolio
  • Take the articles you have written so far and create yoru portfolio. In this way you can showcase your varied writing talents for your potential clients. Expand and diversify the portfolio as much as possible.

  • Step Four: Look for Jobs
  • With a portfolio in hand, start looking for jobs in freelancing websites, on job boards and even approach local businesses with an awesome pitch. Develop that pitch by researching potential clients. You will soon find some jobs; do not be afraid of doing low paying jobs in the beginning. Do a great, professional job with each and start to build a reputation. Soon the jobs will start coming in and you will be well on your way.